Corals Junes

I just spent some time researching teething and babies and sleep. I’ve been doing a lot of that recently – every time something is happening with the baby and I don’t know the next move, it’s Google to the rescue.

How do I know she’s teething even though I haven’t seen any teeth? Drool, and lots of it. She gnaws on anything she can reach and hold on to. She’s fussy, especially after 5pm. Research said it could take months for the tooth to emerge… ūüė£

Coralee was so sleepy after nursing but fussy while laying down, so she ended up taking a little snooze leaning on mom.

I have been calling her Corals because I feel it easily slips from my heart to her little ears! Her dad hears my affectionate nickname and responds with Corals Junes, since her middle name is June. It has been an ongoing joke here for about a week… we will see if it sticks.

We are in the middle of summer break and I am soaking up every moment I get to spend with her. When school starts its daycare for her and work for me.

What I enjoy most is watching her little personality emerge. She smiles all the time and even giggles with tickles. I love bathing her and dressing her every morning. She gives me the most loving smile while staring deep into my eyes when I wipe her face with a washcloth. These moments make my heart throb and force me to inhale deeply with gratitude.

Our little Coralee is a wonderful blessing and a beautiful joy! I love her with my whole heart and still have love to give. Now I know what my mom meant when she said, “You’ll feel how much I love you when you have your own daughter someday.” Wow Mom, that’s a lot of love.


Life with a Baby

It will be three months tomorrow since our precious baby girl was born into this world. So much has changed these past three months that I only sometimes remember how life used to be without her. I would never want it any other way…

The work week was filled with- well, work- and it’s finally FRIDAY! I can feel my thighs and feet aching and all I want to do after I cuddle my baby is take a relaxing Epsom salt bath. I fed Coralee, gently placed her in the crib snuggled with a soft blanket and put her sea creature mobile on. She seemed content so I made up the bath and sunk into the warm, relaxing water. The tub was still filling up when I heard little grunts of discomfort.

I hoped she wouldn’t break into an all-out cry, but it wasn’t three minutes later until she was crying. I got out of the tub, dried off and picked her up. I began nursing, standing by the crib, legs still aching and tub water calling my name. I walked back to the bathroom and sat on a towel on the toilet. With eucalyptus in the air and bubbles floating in the tub next to me, I nursed for about ten more minutes until she fell asleep.

Relieved that she was comforted and asleep, I carefully placed her back in the crib and tip-toed to my bath.

I always have enjoyed baths, but today’s bath experience was on a whole new level. Just having the opportunity to take a bath was rewarding, and this happiness, along with the relief the salt bath gave me, was like God rewarded me with a job well done!

Prolific in 2015

I’ve been experimenting with my Core Desired Feelings for some time now. ¬†I have not ordered the book, but have taken advantage of all the sneak peaks given graciously by Danielle LaPorte. ¬†There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to create some “goals with soul.”

Would it be such a terrible¬†thing if I use my pain as a guide in uncovering how I want to feel? ¬†I stumbled upon a comment and witnessed this word shining out from the rest. ¬†Then something in my heart opened up. ¬†I did not even know what the word meant at the time, only how it sounded, and it was like deep wind chimes ringing Truth… Truth.


A simple Google search revealed that this word hits many wounds and really transforms personal pain to positivity.  Fruit, foliage and offspring?  YES PLEASE!  I also fell in love with the synonyms: abundant, lush and bountiful are only to name a few.  I want to feel overflowing in love and productivity.  I love to feel creative and productive and these are the essence of prolific.

If we all had to choose a word for 2015, I would claim this one.  The next step is to plan my goals so that I may feel prolific.  Making everyday choices to huge career choices based on my wanting to feel prolific is the next challenge.

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